Upscale Flavors that match the popular flavor profiles of today’s foodies. Made with Fresh Ingredients, no fillers, and Kosher Certified.


Top Flavors


Spinach and Artichoke Cheese Spread
Fresh Spinach and Artichoke blended with fresh onions and mixed vegetables. A Vegan Lovers Dream with rich full flavor and texture.

Quick Serving Suggestion:
Carve out the center of a large round loaf of hard crusted bread. Fill with Spreads Instead Spinach and Artichoke Spread. Keep cool until serving. Serve with chunks of the bread or crackers. A Real Crowd Pleaser!


Roasted Garlic and Herb Cheese Spread
Real Roasted Garlic creates a bold and full flavor. Adding select fine herbs allows for a perfect blend of sensational flavor!

Quick Serving Suggestion:
The Classic Spread of Garlic and Herb on crackers make an extremely popular appetizer/snack or use as an ingredient in recipes such as a stuffing on baked potatoes.


Slow Roasted Tomatoes with Green Chili Salsa
Slow Roasted Tomatoes carefully blended with a freshly made Green Chili Salsa creates an upscale southwestern foodie experience! Not too spicy but just the right flavor profile that makes you say “OLE

Quick Serving Suggestion:
Slow Roasted Tomatoes with Green Chili Salsa Nachos.
Place Tortillas on a bake sheet, dollop spoonfuls of Slow Roasted Tomatoes with Green Chili Salsa over the tortillas. Heat in oven until melted. Serve right away for full flavored nachos that are addictive!


Sun Dried Tomatoes with Pesto
Our Famous “No Nuts Pesto” blended together with Sundried Tomato and Grated Parmesan create a spread that will explode with flavor. If you like Pesto you will LOVE this spread.

Quick Serving Suggestion:
Create Sundried Tomato Pesto Appetizer Roll Ups by spreading evenly on a soft flatbread, Roll Up, or Tortillas. Roll it up and cut ½” slices and serve. Easy and really delicious!


Honey Raisin and Nut
Imagine using Delicious Natural Honey to sweeten this spread made with a whole bunch of chunks of Raisins and Walnuts. A rich full flavor that keeps you coming back for more!

Quick Serving Suggestion:
Start your day right. Make the best breakfast bagel around by toasting a bagel (we prefer Raisin and Nut Bagel) topped with our Honey Raisin and Nut Spread. Not to be forgotten!


Smoked Salmon and Dill
Chunks of Smoked Salmon delicately blended with Dill to create our favorite Smoked Salmon Spread flavor profile. Try it to see if you agree!

Quick Serving Suggestion
Make a Perfect and Popular appetizer by dolloping our Smoked Salmon and Dill Spread on a cracker or toast point finished off with 3 large Salmon Caviar Eggs on top of each. Looks Upscale and the taste is great!


Whitefish Spread
Our Favorite Whitefish spread on the market today! You have tried the rest, now try the BEST! We blend Smoked Whitefish from the Great Lakes region with minced onions to create a smoky whitefish flavor spiced to perfection.

Quick Serving Suggestion:
Our favorite serving suggestion is on regular toast or a bagel for a great breakfast or anytime snack treat!


Tiajuana Hot
This Spicy Spread is made by blending 3 different types of Peppers together for those who like it hot! The first of the hot peppers creates a heat sensation when you first put it in your mouth. The seconds and third pop up a few seconds later!! So taste with caution!

Quick Serving Suggestion: