•    20 very small new potatoes (Jersey Royals)
•    8oz Sour Cream Fresh parsley
•    3oz Pearls of The Sea American Osetra caviar
1. Wash new potatoes(Jersey Royals) in cold water
2. Cook until tender, 5 minutes in microwave or 20 minutes in boiling water. Let cool for at least 10 minutes.
3. Cut them in half and slicing off the bottoms and sit flat on the serving tray, so that they do not fall over.
4. Add a dollop of Sour Cream in the center of each and a teaspoon of Pearls of The Sea American Osetra Caviar on top of the sour cream.
Garnish with fresh parsley and serve.
•    8oz Cream Cheese
•    4oz Smoked Salmon
•    2oz  Pearls of The Sea American Sturgeon Caviar
•    1 package 16 mini blini pancakes
•    You will need a small  rectangular shaped mold approximately 8X4X4
1.    In an 8X4X4 mold, line the bottom and sides with one piece of wax paper
2.    Spoon into the mold 2oz  of Pearls of The Sea American Sturgeon Caviar carefully so as not to break any eggs and to spread out evenly covering the entire bottom. Use more if needed.
3.    Prepare the smoked salmon by chopping to a puree in a food processor
4.    Prepare the cream cheese by whipping it until it is a smooth consistency.
5.    Mix 1/3 of the salmon mixture into the cream cheese and put to the side(get out all lumps)
6.    Spoon into the mold the remainder of the smoke salmon creating a second layer but careful not to disturb the caviar in the mold
7.    Fill the rest of the mold with the cream cheese mixture creating the third layer careful again not to disrupt the layer of smoked salmon.
8.    Cover and chill before serving for at least 5-6 hours to firm up layers
9.    When serving, carefully remove top cover, flip onto serving platter helping the Torta out of the mold using the wax paper.
10.    Carefully peal off the wax paper and serve (If you find this mixture too soft, a small amount of gelatin can be mixed into the cream cheese to firm it up).
Serve with warm blini pancakes
•    Olive oil for light frying
•    1/2 chicken bullion cube
•    4 slices of bread
•    1 lobster tail cooked
•    2oz  Pearls of The Sea Russian Osetra Caviar
1.    In a fry pan or skillet, heat enough olive oil to line the pan. Add ½ cube of bullion for flavor
2.    Fry bread on both sides until golden brown.
3.    Use a cookie cutter to cut out large circles of the bread
4.    Use cookie cutter to cut out large circles of the cooked lobster(you can use pcs of lobster to create the circle using up all lobster)
5.    Place circles of seasoned/toasted bread onto a serving platter, place circles of Lobster on top. Add a spoonful of Pearls of The Sea Russian Osetra Caviar on top  and serve.
•    2 slices of bread
•    2 large eggs well beaten
•    ½ teaspoon of Saffron Threads
•    1 tablespoon of butter
•    1 clove of fresh garlic
•    1 oz of Pearls of The Sea Siberian Caviar
•    Salt and pepper to taste
1.    In a cereal size bowl beat the  eggs and saffron until smooth, mix in a pich of salt and pepper for seasoning.
2.    In a large fry pan or skillet melt the butter slowly over a low heat stove. Mince the garlic and add to the pan while raising the flame to grill the garlic slightly.
3.    While the garlic is  grilling Dip the bread into the seasoned saffron egg mixture for about 5 seconds(the trick is to dip enough to soak in but not fall apart) Dip both sides.
4.    Turn up the stove to a higher flame and Add the 2 slices of bread browning on each side. Once the bottom is lightly golden brown turn over and repeat this process on the other side.
5.    Serve on a plate and gently spread ½ ounce of Pearls of The Sea Siberian Caviar on top of each savory French toast and serve.
•    4 finely minced shallots
•    6 chopped chives from fresh scallions
•    6oz champagne vinegar
•    1 tablespoons of fresh grinded black pepper
•    1 dozen oysters in the shell
•    Crushed ice
•    2 oz pearls of The Sea Farm Raised hybrid Beluga Caviar
1.    Combine the shallots, chives, vinegar and pepper in a mixing bowl and blend well together. Keep sauce cold until serving.
2.    Shuck oysters and place evenly on a serving platter on a bed of crushed ice.
3.    Add sauce over Oysters then top with a small amount of Pearls of The Sea Farm Raised Beluga Hybrid Caviar
4.    Serve right away.
•    1 dozen Quali Eggs
•    4oz Pearls of The Sea Salmon Roe Caviar
1.    Boil Quail Eggs in Boiling water for about 1 minutes.
2.    Drain and run ounder cold water to to cool.
3.    Very carefully crack easch egg and peal off shell
4.    Cut each egg in ½ lengthwise, serve on a plate with Pearls of The Sea Salmon Roe Caviar dolloped on top
5.    Serve right away.
•    1.5 ounces of Pearls of The Sea Paddlefish Caviar per
•    8oz Cream Cheese
•    1 teaspoon parsley flakes
1.    Whip 8oz cream cheese to a smooth consistency9get out all lumps)
2.    Blend in parley flakes
3.    With a spatula blend into the cream cheese well  ½ ounce of Pearls of the Sea Paddlefish Caviar
4.    Repeat this process with the remaining caviar but fold into the mixture instead of mixing careful not to break the eggs.
5.    Cool for several hours so the ingredients can blend in together and serve cold with toasted Bagels